Lucky Patcher APK for Android : Advanced Tutorial

Since the last post, many of you mailed me and requested to put out the more complex Lucky Patcher tutorial. As promised earlier, here it is in its full glory :-

Download Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky patcher has millions of loyal users across the globe. Tens of thousands of people search for it each day in hopes for finding a proper “How To” for it. Even though the UI of Lucky Patcher is very simple and down to earth, there are these bits where things seems unfamiliar for average Joes. This is the reason why we have decided to put up a dedicated page for Lucky Patcher Tutorial. In this one, we are going to go through the exact points needed to be known before using this tool. Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned here as all are necessary in order to execute a patch without error.

How To Use Lucky Patcher

There is no intense learning work required for using Lucky Patcher. Only a few bits of info that are usually not spoken enough are going to be mentioned here. For making it simpler, we’re going to start with the downloading process as it is also hasty one for many of us. We made sure of providing the links for the most genuine APK version.

  • You will be requiring at least 60% of battery before opening the app
  • 10 Gigs of free storage is needed for making Lucky Patcher work
  • Internet connection is required in case a new patch gets launched
  • The tool itself has a grievance menu where you can ask your questions regarding the app

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to be linking to the original version of Lucy Patcher APK. You may know that most of the ones out there which are claiming to be genuine are in fact fake. But you will only get to know that after downloading Lucky Patcher for Android. Thus, we went out in the webs and searched for the genuine ones by testing them individually. Only the best performing one made it to the end and has been linked here.

Download Lucky Patcher APK

In order to get the original version of Lucky Patcher APK, you will need to follow the installation tutorial mentioned above. Only after installation, you will be able to go with the proper installation and execution process. We suggest you to read all the points mentioned here in order maximize the chances of getting it done without any anomalies.

  • Download Lucky patcher from the link mentioned
  • Install it like you do any other APK file (Makes sure that the Third-part installation option is checked in the settings)
  • Allow all the permissions it asks for as they will be necessary in the execution of the app
  • Start Patching !

Lucky Patcher APK is very well known among thousands of Android users. Chances are you may have seen it on other people’s phones. The reason it got so big is that there is a need of more dynamic apps. Its scarcity lead to the inception of Lucky Patcher. You can easily download the app from the link we’ve provided. There are more tutorials regarding specific patches available inside this tool. In case you want to learn about individual preset patches, do let us know in the comments.

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